Tuesday 8-July-2008

Skwirk using Anatomy Arcade games.

Online education portal Skwirk, has jumped at the opportunity to include Whack-A-Bone in it's interactive inventory which already includes animations, videos, podcasts, quizzes and exams for every subject in the Australian curriculum. The inclusion of Anatomy Arcade games in the Skwirk site is a positive move for both parties. Anatomy Arcade benefits from the large exposure it will gain teaming with such a large and growing partner and Skwirk subscribers benefit from having the Anatomy Arcade signature games at their fingertips.

Skwirk General Manager, Mark Fraser, had this to say. “At Skwirk we are always looking to boost our content offering and remain on the cutting edge as far as our multimedia and interactive elements.
We are happy to be working with Anatomy Arcade and look forward to incorporating their innovative designs into the Skwirk platform.”



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