Wednesday 28-November-2012

Whack-A-Bone for the iPad

At long last, Anatomy Arcade bursts onto the App Store with an all new and exciting version of Whack-A-Bone made purposely for the iPad. Read more.


Sunday 02-November-2008

Anatomy Arcade featured on Think Anatomy.

Think Anatomy is a long overdue inventory of online anatomy resources created by the anatomically passionate Vanessa Ruiz. Read more.


Friday 29-August-2008

Red Orbit has recognized the cool stuff happening here at Anatomy Arcade and has awarded us with "Site of the Day". Read more.


Tuesday 8-July-2008

Anatomy Arcade is thrilled to announce a partnership which will see the use of images from Primal Pictures in upcoming games. Read more.


Tuesday 8-July-2008

Online education portal Skwirk, has jumped at the opportunity to include Whack-A-Bone in it's interactive inventory. Read more.


Tuesday 8-July-2008

After nearly 6 years in the making, Anatomy Arcade is finally on the world wide web. Read more.


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