Tuesday 8-July-2008

Anatomy Arcade Teams Up With Primal Pictures.

Anatomy Arcade is thrilled to announce a partnership which will see the use of images from Primal Pictures in upcoming games.

Primal Pictures are the world leaders in the production of exquisitely detailed anatomical software. Their use of data from the Visible Human Project and professional 3D animators ensures accuracy, detail and aesthetically beautiful renderings of the human body systems.

Anatomy Arcade contacted Catriona Kerr of Primal Pictures, who immediately saw the potential for a mutually beneficial partnership. Many forth-coming games will feature images from their extensive database while the games themselves will be used as a fun, but educational spin-off within their existing software titles.

"Anatomy in 3D is known to be memorable and we welcome the opportunity to work with Anatomy Arcade to inject some fun into learning and in doing so help students retain anatomical detail." says Catriona.

Games covering body systems such as the circulatory, respiratory, nervous and digestive systems will contain the unmistakable quality of Primal Pictures images, with Heart Attack being the first game in production using a breath-taking sequence of images of the phases of the cardiac cycle. The animators at Primal Pictures have also taken the time to produce a one off series of images that will be used in a drag-and-drop/build-the-heart stage of Heart Attack.

Visit Primal Pictures to see their amazing collection of 3D anatomy titles:




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